The method of a mail order for “out of stock” items

If you would like to inquire about stock information of out of stock items, please use this mail form.
Keep in mind that we do not accept mail orders for:
★ Sale items
★ Reservation items
★ In stock items


  • Our staff will reply with further information about stock and availability.
    Please note that some products may be out of stock.
    *If you do not receive an answer within 7 days, please be sure to contact our staff.
  • If the item you have inquired about is available, your item will be special ordered.
    This process takes approximately 7 days. Your order will be shipped once all items arrive to our office.
  • Please note that we can’t accept to combine with orders placed by shopping cart system.

    If you would like to order multiple items, please write down the product information for every items, and the total cost at the last part.
    Payment method Paypal
    Address/Postal code
    Phone number
    Mail address
    online store Do you have your own account of our online store?


    All mail order will be handled by online store.
    If you would like to purchase your item at the physical store, please inquire to the store directly.
    *As our regular orders, please be understanding that we can’t accept any cancellation.

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