Shopping Guide for International Users

Index for easy reference:
1 Guide for ordering through the shopping cart system
2 Reservation items
3 Inquiring about “out of stock” items
4 Canceling an order
5 Payment
6 Shipping
7 Damaged items, returns and exchanges
8 Contact

1. Guide for ordering through the shopping cart system

Please follow this process when placing an order through the shopping cart system:
1. Select the items you would like to purchase by adding them to the shopping cart.
2. Review the items inside your cart carefully and proceed with your check out.
3.  Fill in your shipping information and other details. Instructions on how to fill the form are listed in here: (If you want two separate orders to be combined, please don’t forget to add a note on the comment section of your order.)
4. Carefully review your details before proceeding with your order. Please be sure that your address is complete (including your city, postal code and country).
5. After submitting your order, you will receive an automated email. After stock is confirmed by our international store staff, you will receive a second email with more information about shipping fees and payment details, so please wait 3 to 5 days for your invoice. *If you haven’t received an email after 5 days, please contact our staff promptly.*
6. Please send in your payment within 7 days. We will send your items soon after your payment has been confirmed.

A. About creating an account.

While completing the shopping cart ordering process, you will be prompted to
create an account. By creating an account, your user data will be stored and can be filled automatically on your next order. Although creating an account is not necessary to use our online store, we highly recommend it.
If you cannot access your account, forgot your password or wish to delete your account, please contact us to the following email address:

B. About adding items to your order

If you would like to add items to an order, please contact our staff to with the following details:
Order number:
Product Number:
Product Name:
Color/Size (if applicable):
Number of items:

If your item is available, our staff will contact you with an updated invoice. If you don’t receive any confirmation about your order within 5 days, please contact our staff promptly.
*Please keep in mind your payment deadline date during this process will not change.

C. About combining orders

If you would like to combine a second order with a previous order placed using the shopping cart system or by email, please write a note on the comment section of your second order.  If possible, please include the order number of the order you wish to be combined.

If you mistakenly sent the order without adding any note, please contact us at with your order information.
Please take into consideration that during busy times, orders might not be combined if no note is left in the comment section of the second order.
An updated invoice will be sent to you within 3 to 5 days.
*If you haven’t received an email after 5 days, please contact our staff promptly.*
*Please take into consideration your payment deadline when requesting two orders to be combined will not change.

D. About combining reservation items with ” in stock ” items

Combining reservation items with ” in stock ” items is not available due to the difference of the arrival date.
In the case you order them together, our staff may separate the order depending the arrival.
Please confirm your invoice mail we send after the order.

2. About Reservation items

Items available for reservation can be found in here:
There are two different kinds of reservation items.
★Those to be ordered by shopping cart
★Those to be ordered by email.
** Please review carefully the date and time of the reservation since it might
vary between items even if they belong to the same series.

A. About shopping cart reservation items

Please order these items as usual. Unlike regular items, reservation items will not be shipped soon after payment is confirmed.To know when your items will be shipped, please refer to the invoice email our staff will send you after your reservation has been accepted.

B. About email reservation items

Please fill in the following information and send it to

I would like to mail-order the following products
Product code ○○○★○○○
Product name ○○○
Color ○○○
Size Please specify for products that have a size,  such as shoes
Quantity ○(Please write down the quantity)
Cost \○○,○○○
Payment method PAYPAL
Address/Postal code (Please don’t forget to specify the country and postal code if applicable)
Phone number (Please specify the phone number for the address, including the code for the international call when applicable. )
Name (Please write your complet name.)

Our staff will answer within 5 days with more information about stock and payment.
*If you haven’t received an email after 5 days, please contact our staff promptly.*
** Please keep in mind that “out of stock” reservation items cannot be ordered by the email method.
**Items purchased or reserved via the web page can not be picked up in the stores.

C. About combining reservation email orders

and shopping cart reservation orders.
Please contact us at with your order information.
Please take into consideration that only items belonging to the same series can be shipped together.

3 About “out of stock” items

If you would like to inquire about stock information of items that appear as “OUT OF STOCK”, please send us your information as requested on the following format :
In case the requested item is in stock on any of our physical stores, we can prepare it for you.
Keep in mind that we cannot accept mail orders for the following
★ Sale items
★ Reservation items
★ In stock items
If you include more than one item on your order, please let us know if you have any preference (i.e. if you have a second choice in case your first choice is unavailable, or if you would like to cancel the order if one of the items is unavailable, etc).

4. About Canceling and order

Please consider carefully before submitting an order since no order cancellations will be accepted. Be sure to contact our staff if you encounter any difficulty and would like to change the status of your order.

5. About Payment.

Payment for international users can only be received through Paypal in Japanese yen (all paypal fees will be covered by us).
All information about payment will be sent along with an invoice email after your order has been accepted and processed.

If your registered name and your Paypal name are different, please be sure to leave a note on the comment section when you send us your payment with the following:
Order name, order email and/or order number.
If none of the above information can be confirmed, we might not be able to locate your order and your payment might be automatically refunded.

Also, please keep in mind that all payments must be done within 7 days after the order has been processed. If for any reason payment cannot be completed before the deadline, please contact our staff.
If payment is not received within 7 days, the order will be automatically canceled and your items will be returned to our regular stock. ** Please keep in mind that any payments received after the payment deadline has expired will be automatically refunded.
If you would like to still purchase the items after an order has been canceled, please submit a new order.

6. About shipping

All packages are shipped via EMS and will normally take between 3 to 5 days to arrive (please keep in mind that this may vary from country to country and during certain periods of the year like Christmas and New Year holidays).
If you encounter any problem with your shipment, please contact us to . We will check the status of your package and proceed accordingly.
Shipping rates can be checked in the following page :

If you are unsure about the shipping cost and would like to know before submitting an order, please feel free to contact us.

A. About custom duty.

An extra custom fee can be applied depending on the country of destination. This custom tax varies from country to country, so please be sure to inquire to your local post office or custom house about this charge. This amount is to be covered by the customer.

B. About an invoice and declared value of items.

Please take into consideration that we are unable to lower the declared value of our items on a shipping invoice. This is to protect the items being shipped in case of loss or damage, since lowering the value on any invoice would make
the shipping insurance void.

7 About damaged items, Return and exchange.

A. Damaged items.

Please be sure to contact our staff within 3 days after delivery in case you have encountered a problem or received a damaged item. Please be sure to include detailed pictures of the damage or problem.
We can only accept claims for original, unused items with their tags still attached. Used items cannot qualify for repair or exchange.

For damaged items, all return shipping expenses will be covered by us.
Depending on the damage, your item might be eligible for either repair or exchange.
Repair times can vary from item to item, but it usually takes 2-3 weeks to be ready.

* We cannot accept claims for items that were not damaged on production, in other words, if the damage looks like it was made after the delivery was complete or by use, unfortunately we cannot return, amend or exchange an item.

B Returns and exchanges

Returns or exchanges will only be accepted if the ordered item is erroneous or defective. Please be sure to contact our staff within 3 days after delivery in case you have encountered a problem to the following email: Our staff will answer with more information about the return process.

We can only accept claims for original, unused items with their tags still attached. Used items cannot qualify for return or exchange.

In case of a mistaken order or damaged goods, all shipping costs will be covered by our company.

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges for personal reasons (i.e. if our customer doesn’t like the fit, or if the item is different that imagined, etc.). If the item is still to be returned regardless, we will ask our customer to please cover all shipping fees back to our offices. After we are able to check the contents of the package carefully, we will only refund the item cost.


**** About seasonal Happy Packs

Please keep into consideration that the contents of each pack are random. For this reason, we cannot accept any claims about the contents of the pack or any returns or exchanges (i.e. another customer’s happy pack contents were better, the color/contents do not combine, or they are not what was expected, etc). If the item is still to be returned regardless, we will ask our customer to please cover all shipping fees back to our offices.
If you receive any damaged goods inside your pack, please contact us to Returns and exchanges will be handled as explained before.

8 Contact

If you have any doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff using the following information:

Please remember our international offices remain closed on weekends and during national holidays, so any inquiries sent during those times might be delayed.

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