The method of a mail order

If you would like to inquire about stock information of sold out items, please use this order method.
Keep in mind that we do not accept mail orders for:
★ Sale items
★ Reservation items
★ In stock items
How to order
★ Please send your complete information to
★ Please specify “Mail Order” in the subject.
★ Please copy the following order form and paste on your e-mail.(Please fill in the columns with circles also.)
If you order more than one item, please copy the columns from “Product code” to “Cost ” as many as you need, and add the total cost at the end.
If you include more than one item on your order, please let us know if you have any preference (i.e. if you have a second choice in case your first choice is unavailable, or if you would like to cancel the order if one of the items is unavailable, etc).

I would like to mail-order the following products
Product code ○○○★○○○
Product name ○○○
Color ○○○
Size Please specify for products that have a size,  such as shoes
Quantity ○(Please write down the quantity)
Cost \○○,○○○
Payment method PAYPAL
Address/Postal code (Please don’t forget to specify the country and postal code if applicable)
Phone number Please specify the phone number for the  address, including the code for the international call when applicable.)
Name (Please write your complet name.)

Our staff will reply with further information about stock and availability.  .Please note that some products may be out of stock. *If you do not receive an answer within 5 days, please be sure to contact our staff.
If the item you have inquired about is available, your item will be special ordered. This process takes approximately 7 days. Your order will be shipped once all items arrive to our offices.

About payment method, shipping, etc. of email orders

Email orders will not be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed, but after all ordered items arrive to our main offices. This process might take up to a week, so please keep this in mind while ordering.
Other than the above explained, all other payment, shipping, return and exchange processes will be handled the same as regular orders.
Please also note that the same shopping terms and conditions apply for email orders, so if you have any further doubts about payment, shipping method, etc. , please refer to our shopping guide ( ) for more detailed information.
If you would like to contact us, please send an email to with any concerns you may have, as always we will be happy to help.