Reserving new items from the online store.

Reserving   new items from the online store.

Please note the following:

•Items with different series can not be sent  together

•Items purchased or  reserved via the webpage can not be picked up in the stores.

•Lastly, please contact us immediately if your   shipping address changes. Once the order is shipped, it will be impossible for   us to change the address.


You can make reservations for new items on this page using  only the shopping cart . 

You can also make reservations for   other new items which do not appear on this page. Please email for more information.

Please note, all reservations made from the website will be shipped   from our head office in Japan .

The San Francisco store does accept reservations, However you must make them at the store in person.   Online reservations will not be available from our   store in San Francisco at this time.

We are sorry for the   inconvenience.

Once you make a reservation, you will be sent an   automated confirmation email. Once you receive this email, the reservation will   be acknowledged. Please keep this email in your account until you have received   the order.

We ask that you try not to use free email services (Hotmail,   Yahoo mail, etc. ) when placing your order. We have had problems with these   services rejecting our mail in the past.

If you do not receive the   automated email, please email as soon as   possible (There have been instances where the order was not fully completed.   Please contact us if you have any problems whatsoever).

Please send   your payment in full (including shipping and handling fees)   within 1 week of making the reservation. Once we have confirmed   that the payment has been received, the reservation will be completed.

Please use PAYPAL for your payment, We’re sorry but we   can’t accept other payment method.

If you do not make the payment within   1 week, your reservation will be automatically cancelled If by chance you are   unable to pay within 1 week, please contact as soon as possible.

Please think carefully before   making a reservation. Once the reservation is made, you will not be allowed to   cancel. If you decided that you must cancel, please contact us as soon as   possible.

If you cancel, or do not make the payment within the 1 week   time limit, you will be banned from making future reservations. Please keep this   in mind before making your reservation.

When you have   made your payment, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know the   payment has been made. Afterwards, we will send you a final confirmation   message.  

Thank you for your corporation.

Please use the shopping cart system for your reservation.  We’re sorry   but we don’t accept the reservation by E-mail. 

We don’t accept the cancellation of the reservation with any reasons.   Please consider well and place your reservation.  

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