About Reservation at Stores

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【Attention about reservation for the series which acceptance starts on Fridays】

For the series which reservations acceptance starts on Friday, we take reservations from each store’s allotments provided in advance.
On Friday, the first day of acceptance, reservation is limited to IN STORE customers and available quantity is limited as “1 color, 1 piece per item.” In other words, 2 colors from the same product number are NOT available.
Please be understanding that purchasing order may will be lottery in the case many customers gather in a store.
On Saturday and Sunday, we accept reservations also by phone call and available quantity will be not limited, but please be aware that available allotments may have been already filled on Friday.

【Attention about lottery reservation】

For the series which reservation acceptance NOT starts on Friday, we accept order request in advance in store and by phone call.
Each store’s allotments will be provided after lottery in our head office, and then store staff will let the customers know their results from 14:00 on Tuesday/Thursday.
Please be understanding that availability is NOT guaranteed at the point we accept the order request.

As for lottery reservation, please tell our store staff your desired item/color/quantity.
After lottery in our head office, store staff will let the customers know their result from 14:00 on Tuesday/Thursday.
Staff will call to customers regardless how results are, so please tell your phone number which available whenever.
Though we do our best, please be understanding that we may can’t meet all customers’ demand especially about super popular items.

Reservation for these items are acceptable until become sold out or their stocks arrive in store.
As for if they’re available or not, please contact to the store.

We may cancel the order when:
・we have difficulties communicating with customer on a result notification call.
・we can’t have contact and not receive any reply to our result notification call within 3days.

【About partial payment】

When we accept a reservation, we ask to make a partial payment (about 1,000 ~ 5000 yen).
Partial payment price is depending on item price.
Please feel free to contact how much the price is.

For reservation by phone call, coming to the store within a week to make a partial payment is needed.
After the item arrive, we refund the partial payment once and ask to pay the full price.
Of course we accept full advance payment.

In the case reserve 10 or more piece from 1 product number,
or the case the item costs more than 100,000 yen (incl. tax) regardless how many pieces per item,

◇Reservation for 1st production items:
FULL advance payment is necessary at the store within a month.
Though in this case partial payment is not needed,
reservation will be automatically cancelled for any reasons if not making full advance payment within a month.

◇Reservation for 2nd~ production items:
HALF advance payment is necessary at the store within a month.
e.g. when reserve 10 jumper skirts which price is 33,000 yen (incl. tax), half payment amount will be 33,000 yen ÷ 2 × 10 pieces = 165,000 yen.
We accept remaining balance(half payment) when the item picked up.
Though also in this case partial payment is not needed,
reservation will be automatically cancelled for any reasons if not making half advance payment within a month.

【About pick-up】

After arrival, our store staff makes an arrival notification by phone call.
We basically ask to pick-up from 7 days from our phone call.
If you cannot come to the store during 7 days, please contact to our staff.

Please be aware to bring the reservation receipt when you pick up your items.
We’re sorry but we can NOT give the items in case of loss or not bringing the receipt.
Also, due to avoid any trouble, we can NOT accept any substitute pick up even if with the receipt.

If you have any concern, please feel free to contact to our stores.
We look forward to see you at store.

BABY Flagship store and BABY Osaka store are offering Princess drop hanger
to the customers who reserve jumper skirt or one piece dress!

For more details, please refer/contact to:
BABY Flag ship store (03-6434-1382)
BABY Osaka store (06-6211-1991)
BABY Head office (post@babyssb.co.jp)