BABY/PIRATES全店「ゴールデンウィーク期間限定早期セール」開催のお知らせ/All BABY/PIRATES stores 「Golden Week Limited Early Sale」Start Information





Junoの祝福と鳥たちのAriaかごBag、APハーネスBag、Milky Rail Train ClockトランクBag、Vampire Bag → 50%オフ!
BABY Labyrinth Collection Room~古城に眠る秘密の部屋~柄シリーズ/AP アリスと機械仕掛けのワンダータイムトラベル柄シリーズ/AP Bibliothecaireシリーズ 一部商品 → 30%オフ!




  • 店舗での割引商品のお取り置きは承りかねますのでご了承ください。
  • 割引商品のお取り寄せに関しまして、フェア期間内にお支払い頂きました場合のみ対応させて頂きます。
  • 通信販売ご利用の場合、全額お支払い頂きました後に発送とさせて頂きます。(銀行振込/郵便振替のみでの取り扱いとなり、代引き不可となります。)
  • 通信販売ご利用の場合ご入金確認後順次商品発送となりますが、ご注文が集中する可能性がございますのでお急ぎでの発送依頼は承りかねます。


★All BABY/PIRATES stores 「Golden Week Limited Early Sale」Start Information★

Thank you very much for always support BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT and ALICE and the PIRATES.

At the period of Golden Week, some items will be in a special sale at all stores and Online Store!

Stores: BABY/PIRATES all stores, BABY Official Online Store
Period: April 29th (Friday) ~ May 8th (Sunday)
※Period at Web Shop April 26th (Tuesday) 5 p.m. ~ May 9th (Monday) 10 a.m.

Part of lineup of the sale products:

Bless from Juno and the Aria of birds basket bag, A/P Harness bag, Milky Rail Train Clock Trunk Bag, Vampire Bag → 50%Off!
BABY Labyrinth Collection Room?Secret Slumber room in the old castle Series, A/P ALICE and the Mechanical Wonder Time Travel Series, A/P Bibliothecaire Series → 30%Off!

Special Limited Sale♪
It is the chance to buy with a special price your Jumper Skirt and Headdress with the same series★

【Attention at purchasing】
・Please note that is not able to layaway items on sale at the stores.
・Purchasing at the Online Store, the item will be shipped after the payment is completed. (Only payment method is PayPal.)
・Please note that purchasing at the Online Store the items will be shipped after the payment confirmation. In case of combined orders, please send the request as soon as possible.

All staffs are eagerly awaiting your visit.