P11OH907、P11BL422、P11OT011納期変更のお知らせ/Notification of P11OH907,P11BL422,P11OT011 Reschedules

P11OH907 Swan lake柄丸型ヘッドドレス→7月上旬
P11BL422 レースシャーリングブラウス→7月上旬
P11OT011 終幕のエプロン→7月上旬


P11OH907 Swan lake~Ephemeral tears~round head dress→Arrive the beginning of July
P11BL422 Lace shirring blouse→Arrive the beginning of July
P11OT011 Apron of epilogue→Arrive the beginning of July

Delivery date is changed as above on account of the situation of the factory.
We are terribly sorry for keeping you waiting, but please offer your understanding.